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Miss B

Hello Friends!  
It took me 4 days and two ferries to arrive on this stunning island!  I'm slowly finding my feet and getting use to a different way of doing things.  Did you know there is only one supermarket here, how many can you think if in Dunedin?  Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming, I'm feeling very lucky and well looked after.  Hope you have all had a relaxing break and are ready for some more learning adventures next week.  Below are some of photos from my journey up to Waiheke.  Catch you soon!

Your Friend

Miss B

Ferry number 1 = Picton to Wellington...

I got a little bored waiting to drive my car onto the ferry...

I'm in Wellington...

This is my super friend Linda, I picked her up in Wellington and she is driving with me back to Auckland.  FUN!

Do you know where we are now?

Ferry number 2 = Auckland to Waiheke Island... 

 What do you think of the view from my bedroom?

The view from the top of a hill on Waiheke looking back towards Auckland.

Ahh my happy place this morning!  Eating my breakfast on the deck whilst listening to the Tui singing in the trees.

Hello Chameleons!  
Welcome to my Page, I can't wait to share my new adventures with you. 

You may be wondering, where is Waiheke?  How will Miss B get there?  
The Master Travel Plan
I start my journey to Waiheke on Tuesday 19th car!  
Look at the map below, how many hours will it take me to drive there?  

If you said 21 hours and 47 minutes you are stupendous!  
I also have 2 Car Ferry rides to enjoy, I hope I don't get seasick!  


  1. Hi miss b I really miss you and I am loving it up from angel brown

  2. I miss you from Lexie
    Are you going to come back from Matilda

    1. Hi Lexie and Matilda!
      What a lovely surprise to hear from you both :-) I will be back in Dunedin for the school holidays.....hope to see you both then. How's Maths going - what has been a highlight for you this term?
      Always your friend,
      Miss B

    2. tui and kaitlyn are going to great barriar island together

      always your friend tui and kaitlyn

    3. NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      kaitlyn tui !!!!!!!


  3. ifgutbvyccxfdfdzgcatsfgdyc6khaaaaa

  4. Hi miss B

    I miss you

    Tui is going to great barriar island for six months

    from Jasmine